Cabinet Manufacturers

Cabinet Manufacturers have long been at the core of our business. We offer species and grade mixes at a quality level that exceeds the industry standard and makes Midwest Hardwood Corporation the perfect hardwood lumber supplier for small, medium and larger cabinet manufacturing companies.


Reasons you should form a relationship with Midwest Hardwood Corporation:


Color Consistency
& Control
Midwest is a Northern Hardwood manufacturer that saws, kiln dries and rips hardwood lumber from the premium region of North America. Combining the right region with proper handling and drying procedures assures our customers a high quality and color consistent product.
Securing Your Supply Chain As a large primary manufacturer that harvest the timber and saws and dries the lumber, you can be assured of adequate volumes of supply at all times.
Proprietary Grades In today's optimized cabinet manufacturing environment, many of our customers are finding the solution·of lumber grades is a mix of traditional NHLA #1 Common and·#2 Common grades with some additional color specifications. This allows manufacturers to use lower grade lumber for short parts efficiently and garner cost savings associated with #2 Common lumber.
?Value Added Services Many Manufacturers find it advantageous to buy ripped-to-width lumber? instead of random length. This allows cabinet manufacturers to focus on their core product and not on their rough mill. In addition we operate state-of-the-art moulders, where we can run lineal mouldings like door rail or cabinet crowns when business is sufficiently busy to justify outside sources.
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